Advanced NLP tasks for your business

Chat-bots for reducing the cost of supporting your customers!
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Recommendation systems for e-commerce

Increase the sales of your online store with AI recommendation engine
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Maximize your revenue with product recommendations

Artificial Intelligence Powered Recommender as a Service. Try our Recommender Engine for your online-shop for only $200 a month.

Content-based recommended

Show your users new product offers based on product similarities.

Personalized search

Display the most relevant product offers for each individual user.

User-based recommended

Show your users new product offers based on individual user’s preferences.

Popular right now

Show the most trending products based on your user purchases and general trend.

Generate more leads with recommendations engine!

Personalize the product offer for every individual customer. Utilize real-time personalization for a better user experience using our content and collaborative filtering based recommender system.

Client’s success stories

Are you looking for ways to increase conversions but having a hard time turning visits into sales?

Recommendation system providing recommendations in real-time

Why waste time and money on the development of your own recommender system, if you can use the most advanced engine tailored by data scientists.

Scalable solution

We can deliver the service no matter how large is the traffic at your website, being it a million or billion monthly page views, without any compromises to the quality.

Domain independence

Our system is successfully used to recommend movies, news, cultural events, books, songs, job advertisements, or products in E-Commerce.

Recommender engine that drives you forward

Increase your customer satisfaction and spending with AI powered recommendations. Applicable to your home page, product detail, emailing campaigns and much more:

Real time analytics and seamless configuration

Explore performance metrics and configure recommendations to reflect your personalization needs. Use simple and user-friendly interface designed for all your team members.

Quick and easy integration into your environment

Only one string of code with JS into site code and nothing more!

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